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Hey - nice blog! Hope you don't mind if I use some of your content, they're great. New follower, can you please follow me back?
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Family Might mmmmmmm

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I’m gonna stop posting info about bands since I don’t know shit about most of them. This will make it a lot easier for me to post things.

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I promise to start using this more but plz plz plz listen

you should all listen to me twinkle my heart out in muh new band nicknames. these are 4 demos that we will be rerecording in the next week or so plus another track. HYPE THIS SHIT UP. 4 ALL THINGS HOLY REBLOG

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My band


It’s mine too and I guess I shouldn’t post it here but im gunna.

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Olde Pine - “Reservoir”

I found this EP from talking to one of the members, Justin. He’s a really great guy and has awesome guitar gear, so I decided to check out his band. Boy am I glad that I did! Olde Pine are a two-piece noodlay emo band from Worchester, MA who are doing things right up there! Even for it being their debut 2 song EP, they already have a good sense of song writing and not “just noodling to noodle”, as many newer emo bands do nowadays. I’m not really sure who to compare them to since they’re doin’ their own thang, but just check them out! Really upbeat and fun sounding stuff, perfect to help you get over your December boo-hoos.


This goes in real hard

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Saves The Day Daytrotter Session

A new Saves The Day Daytrotter Session can be heard here. You can check out the artwork and track listing below by clicking “Read More”.

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shit your fucking hair looks awesome i'm gonna dye it that colour, my hair is kind of red in natural but yours rock. NO HOMO
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This is a song I wrote tonight. I hope you guys like it. Constructive criticism is embraced. (BRING IT AT ME DADS…lulz)

a reblog would be nice too… c: 

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Album’s out, song is going up.  This record is heartbreaking and, in some ways, miserable to listen to. But in the absolute best way possible.

” ‘Cus I could love and drown in your god damn smile lines. But I think I’d burn out watching you rallying to stay alive, and I guess that’s fine. Seems we all get sick. We all die in some no name hospital with the same colored walls…and I guess that’s fine. But I want to swallow. I want to stomach. I want to live.”

Pianos Become The Teeth - I’ll Get By